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[REFERENCE 12/17] [ARCHIVE] Immigration Reform

Project: Keeping Families Together
Client: Casa de Maryland
Direction: Gustavo Andrade, Organizing Director

Designed grassroots collateral materials to promote the 2013 Rally for Immigration Reform. The project helped to inform, organize and mobilize undeserved communities in the DC area to take action and publicly petition Congress in Capitol Hill for reform. The campaign combined social and traditional media and centered on topics such as deportations, family unity, and hope.

On the media


My involvement with the organization started through volunteering as a photographer for actions of civil disobedience, where I embedded myself as part of a group of community organizers and activists. I was eventually hired as a freelancer to illustrate and design a variety of posters using the community’s voice to mobilize target audiences during different stages of the campaign. "Keeping Families Together" illustrated universal concepts of deportation, family unity, and hope. The choice of media and approach allowed for efficient information dissemination, as the flyers were purposely designed in black ink, allowing for accessible and low-cost print production.

archive: actions of civil disobedience photo essay

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