designer + writer

Immigration Reform

2013, brand identity, photography

Designed brand identity for DC’s 2013-2014 Immigration Reform campaign. Brainstormed and co-created the movement’s visual language with community members, activists and organizers. I fully immersed myself in the community for over a year and half and documented actions of civil disobedience across the city, including the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

This campaign informed, organized and mobilized disenfranchised immigrant communities across the DC area to take action and publicly petition Congress in Capitol Hill for reform by combining digital and traditional media and focusing on key immigration issues such as deportations and family separation.

Client: Casa de Maryland
Direction: Gustavo Andrade, Organizing Director
Strategy: Kim Propeack, Chief for Politics & Communications

When the community takes ownership

When the community takes ownership

Designed a variety of bilingual prototypes using imagery that was brainstormed and co-created with community members. Co-creation allowed the visual language to authentically evolve and amplify their voices and enabled them to take ownership over the work. Prototypes evolved with each and every stage of the campaign. Flyers were purposely designed in black ink and printed in neon copy paper, allowing for accessible and low-cost print production.

 Media Coverage. Sources: Getty Images, MSNBC and The Associated Press.

Media Coverage. Sources: Getty Images, MSNBC and The Associated Press.